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Weddings in the Garden

The Botanic Garden is a beautiful and romantic place to hold your wedding, and there are several areas to choose from:

Garden Entrance area - the Pavilion blends into the natural beauty of the Garden and is suitable for both large and smaller groups. To the right of the entrance is a smaller lawn area giving a more secluded and intimate spot for small groups.

Northern Area - The Rose Garden, Waterfall area, and Chinese Pagoda are very popular places for a wedding. The new Japanese Garden and Tea House are now also available for weddings.

For weddings in the northern area the use of the "people mover" is included as part of the fee as they are 500 to 600 m. from the entrance.

Approval is always required from Coffs Harbour City Council. Contact the co-ordinator Julie Belford (02 6648 4542) in the Coastal Works Section. Costs, bonds and deposits charges are available on request from Ms. Belford.

Chairs: White plastic chairs are stored near the glasshouses and are available for hire at $2 per chair. These must be paid for in advance and you need to arrange for someone to move them onto the wedding site and assist to remove them on the day.

The actual location for the wedding should be arranged with the celebrant, with adequate recognition of the standard conditions (special note should be made of the condition that no vehicles are allowed in the Garden) that are applicable to all weddings approved by Council. You may request a particular area to hold your wedding, but note that this is on a "first come first approved" basis.

  1. Alternative arrangements should be made in case of inclement weather, as the Display Room is not available for use.
  2. Vehicles are not to be left parked across the driveway, or driven into the Garden for any reason.
  3. The area must be left in a clean and tidy condition.
  4. No alcohol, catering, confetti or flower petals are permitted.
  5. The patio furniture is for public use at all times and is not to be moved.
  6. Any sound amplification equipment is to be adjusted so the volume does not cause annoyance to other users.
  7. The Botanic Garden closes at 5pm and the area must be left in a clean and tidy condition by this time.

Please remember that your ceremony may not be the only one scheduled for the day and you are requested to be on time and not to linger in the Garden too long after the ceremony.

All fees go towards the upkeep and expansion of the Garden.